Breathing. It provides comfortable use even in hot and humid climates.

- Thanks to the silicone layer applied on the waist with anti-slide® silicone technology, the product does not slip downwards.

- Produced with seamless knitting technology. It does not include any sewing and attachments except the net part and net stitch. This eliminates the inconveniences that may arise from the fabric layers and stitch marks formed as a result of sewing.
-The endings of the trousers have been developed in such a way that they will not make any traces in your clothes.
-There is no risk of explosion or tearing thanks to reinforced seams.
-When a suitable size is magically minimizes one or two sizes. It helps to weaken and firm the body in continuous use.
- By applying pressure to the stomach, abdomen, belly, hip and basin, it regains its form effectively.
-Push-Up feature gives the hips the desired shape.
- Delays hunger with the pressure it makes to the stomach. It helps to regulate the digestive system.
- Helps prevent cellulite formation.
- It is used as a support for cesarean sutures after pregnancy with the advice of the doctor and as an aid in the recovery of the sagging abdominal wall.
-Maximum stretching ability thanks to stretching as necessary, does not prevent your movements, provides a comfortable use.
-The pressure points added to the sides and waist area shape the basin and abdomen better.
- Accelerates blood circulation and makes you feel good.
-For easy hanging and pulling out, fold the silicone part outwards so that it does not touch the skin and pull it upwards.
-The silicone part should be in direct contact with the body in order not to slip from the body.

- Suitable for use as underwear.

82% Microfiber Polyamide, 18% Elastane


- Provides an additional support to the spine and gives the upright habit.