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1. Export & Import

If you want to buy any product with any amount from another country and don't know how we are the answer as we have many solutions to send different product categories to you in a very short time and at affordable prices.

Some of the product categories we cover from Europe (clothes, electronics, medical equipment, cars, food, toys).

Some of the product categories we cover from Egypt and North Africa (clothes, leather, food)

2. Manufacturing

We have a very big database for good manufacturies in China, Turkey, Germany, and the rest of the EU countries. We have access to agents in all these countries so we guarantee you the best quality with less price.

3. Wholesale Stocks

There are many wholesale companies in Europe and Turkey which make a lot of offers to sell B2B stock products like clothes, electronics, machines, and many other products. We already partner with all the communities for these companies and in direct contact with them to always have the best price for any offer. Please review our offers section or send us a message with what you need to buy.

4. Open New Markets

We believe in good quality products, so one of our goals is to try to open new markets for good products so if you think as a manufacturer that you have a good product and want to sell it in Europe, please contact us and we will discuss that together.